On the road. a

Travelling sure makes me think sometimes. You see so many people in airports , and everyone of them has a story. I have to keep reminding myself not to judge a book by its cover . It seems that in today’s society we seem to make quick judgments based on what we immediately see. I continually challenge myself to not make any judgments whatsoever and allow energy to flow as it should. I find that when I keep an open heart, I’m more likely to attract positive energy from people. My wise wife Barbara taught me that.  And that is the motto of the 93 year old good friend of ours , Hermann who has travelled the world in his VW van and now lives with his young bride in a home he built in Thailand. Everywhere he went, strangers, welcomed him with open arms, God bless you Hermann!!!! What a vibrant spirit you are!! More on Hermann in a later blog.

It reminds me of the phrase that “humans were meant to co-operate , not compete”.  I tend to self talk more these days, reminding myself to treat my fellow humans naturally, not in the way that media tells me to.  When I stop behaving like I have something  to prove to you, I feel better about myself, more at peace, whether you like me or not. Now I’m not sure about where this stuff is coming from, I think its a combination of age, natural endorphins from running, yoga and weaning myself off of anti depressants and actually starting to feel real emotions.  Whatever it is, I dont need to put a label on it, I just need to feel it and work with it. I’ve spent enough time in negative spaces that I think its time to finally let myself enjoy the positive and try to spread it around!!!  Theres nothing wrong with being an open book, as long as your pages are clean. I leave that up to your own interpretation.

Off to sleep, a big day tomorrow!!!!


One thought on “On the road. a

  1. I think, having clean pages, is an ongoing life challenge. Its worthy of constant attempts, but I do not believe we can live so clean all the time because we are human. We humans were born to make mistakes, to forgive and be forgiven and to accept our brokenness and learn. Just as you are doing honey. Kudos to you!

    So, in saying, “as long as your pages are clean”, sounds to me, like it does not leave room for those who have yet to share in order to let go. We mustn’t exclude, otherwise, we may miss the opportunities to help others do the same as you are. This, is exactly what it is to co-operate. Albeit, this blog is helping others, I am sure of that.

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