Night owl ? Me?

Here I am sitting a Quality Assurance lab in New Hampshire at 12:35 am, that would be 1:35 am at home. Very strange for me , as I’m usually in bed by 10 pm every night, even Saturdays. Who would have ever believed that, looking at this guy 3 or 4 years ago when I’d sit up smoking and drinking late into the night. I have to say I like my life and myself a lot better today.I need to live a clean life to be happy , free of addictions, guilt and remorse.
I’ve had a couple of very long days this week, but its really good to shake things up ,and not get used to a routine too much. The neat thing about travelling is seeing how others live, the good and “less good parts” about living in big cities, the 5 lane traffic, and tolls, etc. But I have to tell you, I’ll take my simple country life in Lunenburg any day!!! But its a real privilege to be able to get to larger centers and enjoy the benefits they offer like great restaurants, sports, etc. I trashed the Leafs openly all night during a game and didn’t even get harrassed about it from the every loyal Leafs Fans! As gullible as they are, they are good sports!
A Simple thing like visiting a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog , being walked by his owner in front of the CN Tower last night bring a lot of joy to me. Under the guise of substances, I would not notice , nor care about such a simple little things. both dog and owner were very nice to us, (dogs always are!!), but it was clear to see they were true companions and in this world we all need someone.

We had a very tasty high quality meal last night in a very well known popular restaurant in Toronto. The food was delicious, served Tapas style, thus allowing us to try a dozen different dishes ranging from Artisanal Mozzarella di buffalo to Crispy Calamari in sweet peanut sauce , to Crispy Duck tortillas. But what really surprises me today is how the calm ambience of dining has really been lost in these metropolitan hot spots. Loud talking and shouting , obnoxious electronic house music and snotty servers don’t really do it for me . Part of a good dining experience for me is to enjoy the “chi” or “energy” that exists in a room, and flows through the people and the food. I’ve not had that in a restaurant experience for some time. Maybe we’ll find it this weekend at the Press Gang in Halifax. The website presents as it being more of a traditonal dining room with comfort and style. I know the company will be good for sure. Well, I have to pull the plug, this night owl’s had it for the night, Now to try and find my way back to my hotel in this dark sea side city.


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