Live and let live

So nice to be home after a week away. One of the things I constantly struggle with is the “Live and Let Live” principle.
I feel strongly about certain things in life, but I need to keep myself in check because as a human I am flawed , and I must keep my mind open enough to be willing to accept others views and opinions and be empathetic when I feel apathy because my opinions are so strong. Sometimes saying absolutely nothing is the very best thing to do. Next time you’re in a group and people are discussing something passionately, gossiping, or whatever, try saying absolutely nothing and see what kind of response you get. I think you may be surprised.
I’m mainly talking about the people who criticize the Occupy Movement. I just can’t seem to get my head around why people wouldn’t support such a positive thing, bringing light to the injustices that affect us all and need to change for the future of mankind. At the end of the day, if I’m going to be an example for the movement, I need to represent it positively and continue to “occupy”,and keep putting it out there. I strongly believe in the ideology behind it. Justice and equality. I sympathize with young people trying to make their way in this world today.

I’ve talk a lot recently about marketing and how its ruined Christmas, about my dislike for Walmart and huge box stores because of what it’s done to local and global economies. Well yesterday I was in New Hampshire on business and had a few hours to kill before driving to Boston for a flight. I find myself in a Dicks Sporting Goods store, a large US chain. I end up buying $99. worth of running gear, justifying the purchase because it was tax free and cheap. Not quite walking the walk here , am I? So I’m not pleased with myself but at least I’m aware and I will try not to do it again, but its very easy to be mislead and I can be a victim of subliminal marketing if I’m not on my guard. The annoying thing is that I feel I have to be on guard. In time I hope it comes naturally.


One thought on “Live and let live

  1. It is hard to get away from big box stores, even our groceries are big box stores, huge chains that affect the small business. As for the occupy movement, we both work for a huge corporation and we have no trouble taking the hand outs and travelling on thier coin when the folks on the floor who do the ‘real’ work do not get much hand out at all. They are the people who keep us in business, but yet they are not thanked enough for it, verbally, monitarily or by giving them thinsg each year. We can all say we believe in something strongly, but still consciously or unconsciously be the ones who do the same thing that we criticize others for. Enjoy your weekend!

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