Well, still a lot of discussion going on about the Occcup Movement, and I’m feeling more strongly than ever about it. If anything, in my world, its promoting discussion. I’ve spoken to people who don’t understand it, and I can see why. It has no leader/ spokesperson, it doesn’t have an office, a headquarters, or a clear mission statement.
Well, lets face it , we’ve all been conditioned to look for those things to identify with , and they’re not always working . Does your bank really live up to its mission statement?
How about your government, is it living up to its promise? Is having a leader in your country satifsying you? Does pointing the finger at Stephen Harper getting us anywhere when things go awry?
Occupy is growing , whether you believe it or not, just follow it for a while. For those who dont know what its about, heres my take.
Its about acknowledging the inequity amongst us. Its about asking why there are poor people in countries when others have more than they need or can ever use. Its about demanding answers we all deserve to hear .Its about making people accountable .
It truly isn’t an Awakening for me. It feels more like what I’ve always felt and thought is now being acknowledged on a larger scale. Its about all the injustices I’ve seen get swept under the rug for years and have made me very depressed. Its about the reason why I chose not to have children, because I felt there would be nothing worthwhile left for them.
And if youre tired of me putting all this stuff on FaceBook , trust me that its not going away. What depresses and discourages me most is that the people I’m close to and respect wont’ stand up and support this Movement. And I have to believe its because they are truly scared to see the truth of whats happening around us. I find it hard to practice acceptance here. But I have to fight the depression and believe that my voice can make a difference. I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought of packing it all in and becoming an agent for change in a more effective way. For today, I will do what I can.


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