Snow brings clarity

I woke up yesterday morning a beautiful blanket of fresh snow and a nice light snowfall . It really is magical to see such beauty as it covers the trees ever so gently as if daring the wind to blow it off. After seeing how much fun the dogs had when i let them out, I thought nothing of suiting up quickly and heading out for a run. We took the short 2 k trail pictured here first to warm up. Snow was about 7-8 cm deep, just enough to make it challenging but still manageable. Luckily for me my 4 furry friends plowed ahead first to make a bit of a trail. Its so inspring to watch them run and roll in the snow, loving nothing more than the simplicity of energy and nature. Several trees hung over the trail , weighed down by the snow so I had to run right through them , creating my own fun along the way, as every so often Boo got a scent of a rabbit and darted off on her own into the forest. After the 2 k we ended up back at the house and poor JILLY had about her body weight in little snow balls stuck to her chest and haunches. Only way to get them off is with a warm bath, so off we went. I left Boo, Jilly and Starr to rest in the house while Zoey and i went off for another 7k. We hit the longer trail which was just as pretty , with my loyal Zoey leading the way . The great thing about deep snow running is that on the way back you can check your foot landing and, in my case my feet are still splaying outward too much, so I can focus on that more. Another benefit with snow running is that you are really forced to lean forward and land forefoot with your feet underneath you, the key to “chi” running. Love it!!! Home to cool down by plowing the driveway by hand, finished off with a nice cappucino!! I think I’m gonna enjoy winter again this year!!!
UP at 630 am today to begin cooking dinner for our Shelter Family. Its become a yearly tradition here in our home and I love it. The whole house smells of savory and sweet aromas for 3 days straight. Gravy simmers as I write this, its rich waft driving me crazy and making me salivate. The secret to my moist tender turkey is in my brine!!!
As I cooked today I thought of Christmas , its meaning and how Jesus died on the cross for us. Jesus really was the epitomy of what humanity is capable of when we focus on love and ignore our self will, thinking more of what our God would have us do that what we would do for ourselves. To this day , when I think of my God, it is the face of Jesus that I see for it is his character that I aspire to be, like the biggest influences in my life- my mother, father and wife, and the greatest figures in history – St. Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. . As a human I’m flawed, but when I act in my God’s likeness I am perfect. I must learn this over and over again, but today I am aware. I have spent many years absorbed in self will , conceit and deception, so today it feels so nice to possess some inner peace an natural sincere happiness and joy. But this only exists as long as I continue to give it away, and remember that every human being has a story.


One thought on “Snow brings clarity

  1. very beautiful Scott, the only way to enjoy our winters, embrace them until they make you crave them and miss them when they leave.

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