First ignore, then explore

Sitting here thinking about a title for this blog, I thought about what I’ve been doing since my last post. The word “explore” comes to mind. I tried a few new things. On Tuesday I went to a MELT movement class. It was highly recommended by my Massage Therapist, whose opinion I value greatly. She suggested it as a great way to reduce injuries by retraining the body to move differently. But its much more than that. Heather Dennis, is the instructor and she has a little seaside studio in Rose Bay over looking the water. There was myself and 2 women. We spent an hour and half doing very subtle but effective movements with soft rollers, balls ranging in size from ping pongs to softballs , and with different thicknesses. The movements work you from head to toe and one exercise emulated a babies natural movement of moving from its stomach to its back by using the weight of your leg. Very neat stuff and I must say I felt very “CONNECTED” afterwards. The next day I had one of the best tempo runs of my life on an indoor track, which I usually detest. Whether that run had anything to do with the MELT class , I’m not sure but I’ll take it. I’ve been practicing the movements at home now every second day, so I’ll post the results and progress as time passes. Dec.28 is always special to me because because it was my mothers birthday and I remember it fondly, but it was extra special because 2 of our favorite people, Roger and Nancy visited. We had a great evening together. It was short but sweet and we certainly appreciated their visit.
For my 47th birthday, my wife surprised me with a snowboarding lesson. Its something I’ve always wanted to try and she is sweet and thoughtful enough to remember it. Since I’m prone to anxiety attacks, I found myself feeling quite apprehensive about it the night before, but I shut the thoughts down that were in my head and decided nothing would talk me out of it. She also bought me the Essential Leonard Cohen double CD to enjoy on the hour long drive to the hill, so it was awesome. In fact I was enjoying the music so much that I drove right by the hill and ended up being 30 minutes late.
So I could only get 30 minutes of my 90 minute lesson in. Emily , the instructor was a real sweet young girl with an old soul. She was encouraging and we covered a lot in 30 minutes. After many falls and 30 minutes on my own I dumped the bunny hill and went for the gusto. I did 5 runs on the large hill, loving it all but decided I best quit if I wanted to walk out of that place on 2 feet. Wipe outs were very hard due to the man made snow being really icy . Wiping out was like landing on pavement. Ouch!!!! I’m paying for it today. I see growth in myself in that I didn’t talk myself out of going, I didn’t let the embarrassment of slipping and falling and crashing everywhere stop me from enjoying myself. It does not matter what people think!!! I repeat…. It does not matter what people think!!! So I chose to ignore the old records in my head telling me I was a fool to try different things, and by doing so, I allowed myself to explore new activities and discover more things about myself in the process. I have a credit for another lesson so I’ll be back… very soon. Just gonna wait for some soft fluffy snow so I can preserve my bones. LOL !!!!
So if theres something you’ve always wanted to do, but you’re holding back, stop thinking about it and just go for it. And ask yourself: “when have I ever regretted trying something new?” I know what my answer is……
If ya never go, you’ll never know…… And I don’t want to live my life wondering……


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