January- Without darkness there can be no light

Yes, its that time of year, that is not always easy for me. Although I continue to try to see the best side of winter , I’m not always doing a great job of seeing the positives. I find it harder to motivate myself to get outdoors, although everytime I do, I feel great and thank myself (and often times ,Barb and our 4 dogs) for it.
Theres been a pattern in my life where January- February are always months where I can feel depressed. Lack of daylight and sunshine , coupled with many other factors don’t help. So, I’m now constantly trying to be aware of what is going on in my head so I can keep myself from falling into that black hole I so deplore.
The last week has been tough, dealing with 3 painful injuries that are keeping me from being as active as I’d like to,starting my annual spinning classes, and beginning my 18 week marathon program for the Bluenose. A groin muscle pull that just wont seem to go away, a neck strain , and a fractured rib in my upper chest, (from that snowboarding venture on Dec. 30 where I landed face first, well I now realize it was chest and then face LOL). My physiotherapist is helping me with the two former injuries, but the third will have time as its healer and patience as my teacher.
I’m discovering that I have to accept that I am not a young man anymore and I can’t do things I used to do with such ease. But I struggle with balancing that reality and still maintaining an active lifestyle and doing all the things I’ve dreamed of. I guess I can still do what I want , but need to understand there will be repurcussions,,, somewhat painful ones perhaps. I’m hoping that my exploration of proper movement and proprioception will help . The timing seems to be perfect.
So I shall try to make the best of these darker days,,,, learn some lessons by acknowledging the reality of life, that sometimes things just suck and that’s OK. Thats’ life, but I need not get stuck there. I can see things for what they are and move on into brighter thoughts. And I must remember the prayer that has saved my ass on countless occasions—– God grant me the serenity , To accept the things I cannot change , the courage to change thethings I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


2 thoughts on “January- Without darkness there can be no light

  1. Thank God for snowshoing and winter hiking as I found myself getting blue in the winter months. I often struggled with being a hockey Mom and spending so much time indoors in cold rinks , no time for exercise but I was fortunate to be able spend time with great people so the social aspect helped pull me through. I do find winter hard when it is just cold and no snow. So sorry to hear about the rib. Ouch!

  2. Great thoughts and expressions, just remember those who inspire, think of Herman, “I’m Alive”!!!!!!!

    And of course the carthartic fulfillment of writing and sharing is a huge growth for you Scott, always having been a shy and more private guy!!!! Now look at ya, can’t shut ya up!!!!!!!! jk You are the inspiration for me now, remember, and no, I am not trying to kill ya!!!!! Quite the opposite, I am enjoying you coming alive!!!!! Love you much and more each day!

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