KISS (Keep it simple Scott)

Its been a while since I’ve posted . I remember how therapeutic blogging can be so I’m going to endeavour to return to it. The anniversary of my deceased parents wedding seems to have inspired some thoughts in me today. They were people who lived simply and gave of themselves generously and I’m inspired by them so much. I have learned many useful slogans through my search for personal growth,,, they’re all great and meaningful. One day at  a time. Live and Let Live, Easy Does it (but do it), etc. But I struggle with using them at the right times, even more so as I age and my memory starts failing. But KISS is probably the most valuable one to me because as one who feels things deeply,  I can really over complicate things and take them too seriously. I can’t fix everything but I can fix me and thats how it has to be.

I do not learn things easily,  but when I do learn something , I know it for life and tend to do it well if I enjoy it. I  have to work hard at these things so  I treasure and value them immensely. I may sometimes seem obsessive about them. Swimming is something I have recently committed to , since its something I have always avoided, so  I need to really focus on it to learn it well, and if I ever want to do a Triathlon (and I really do), I must learn to swim properly and know how to relax and breath without panicking.  Its teaching me discipline too because I’d much rather be doing Yoga or running. 

But it appears that learning to swim is teaching me other things aside from the physicality of the sport. Its teaching me to trust myself , to be vulnerable to a force of nature, to let go and allow the force of water to let me flow with it, rather than force myself on it. My coach tells me  that when he goes to a new pool he swims to the bottom of it and sits there to get a feel for the environment and enjoy the feeling that the water has around his being. I think its really cool. I’m learning that when I use Ujjayi breathing (Yoga)  I can relax and breath through my nose comfortably . Another great gift that  Yoga has given me, among many others!

All of these things seem to help keep my spirit “soft”, keeping me from developing that hard outer shell that can form  when I take life too seriously. I hope you too have something in your life that helps you Keep it Simple. Image   


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