Running gives you lots of time to think, thats just one reason why I love it so much. They’re usually, no ALWAYS  clear, cleaN positive thoughts! Yesterday I was on a long one,,, and I was thinking about Jon Rankin  and his The Run Project. John got people to post videos about why they run. So I asked myself that question yesterday. The one word answer is INSPIRATION. I think the inspiration comes from the wonderful endorphins and the physiological responses that are created from running . My soul and spirit develop into what they were meant to be, the way our creator made me. But there are so many branches that grow out from the INSPIRATION tree. Just a few of these  branches are : inner peace, confidence, compassion, selflessness, motivation and a big one GRATITUDE.  Fitness is really an added bonus. I post and share my fitness experiences, not to brag or boast , but to INSPIRE… and I know it works. I too was inspired to take the first step on Jan. 1, 2010 because a friend blogged about their running . It took me months to do it but I did. So I have to pay it forward. 

 The message is  that if I want to keep all of the gifts that running has given me , I must give them away. Thats the reason why I decided to start doing events for charities like Tour for Kids,  Team in Training for Cancer Research, I wanted to somehow give back, because I feel so very very fortunate to be able to do something so fulfilling that paying if forward is just a natural response of gratitude . But I always receive more than I give, so how can I not keep giving? 

Then the branches start multiplying and branching out more- through fundraising, I’ve met amazing people who feel the same way I do. These people have influenced me in such positive ways and inspired me to do more goodness in small ways. So my life, since running has gradually changed from a  person who  thought only of himself and his own needs,  who “Took the edge off”, by ingesting  a substance of some type. Today I “take  the edge off ” by releasing something good back into the world. There’s always a little fear  about going back to the old me,,, and I think that fear is healthy,,, it inspires me to try to be better and better.  Those branches keep branching out,, and I haven’t even talked about 90% of those branches,,, but the branches keep growing and THATS WHY I RUN …. WHY DO YOU RUN OR WALK OR CYCLE OR PADDLE OR SWIM OR SKI ,,,,,,? 




One thought on “THATS WHY I RUN.

  1. Keep fertilizing that tree, the branches will grow , the seeds will blow , new trees you will sow. The Dany Brown poet is pooping up this morning.

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