A Fortunate Few


There’s a theme that’s been going through my mind all week, and its about life’s hardships.  As I sit here tonight listening to the vast emotional space of music that is Jesse Cook, my mind seems to continually think of how very fragile life is. We lost a wonderful friend this week and another is fighting for her life. A woman now goes to bed and wakes up alone without her soulmate, and I feel her pain.  I’m learning to appreciate life every single day, seeking the simplicity around me , embracing my good fortune and spreading it where I can. Yes, I”m learning these things because I have taken them for granted for many many years.  Yet when death is near, I’m still shaken and bewildered at how fragile our lives are. 

I am born imperfect and I need to work on being good. Its who I am and I accept that. Some are born with open hearts. Thank God for those people being in my life, they show me the way. I have to work at having an open heart, at being positive and healthy. I spent many years trying to numb any feelings I  had  , for fear of having to deal with pain. Let me tell you, its hard work and its a miserable existence, meaningless, empty and lonely. Today I try to embrace any pain , go through it so that I can  move forward. 

I’m acutely aware that life is very very good and that hardships are just around any corner, so for today, I’ll live it as fully as I possibly can, for I am one of the fortunate few. 



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