Keep-Calm-2A year is coming to an end and its my birthday today. Its inspired me to look to what transpired over this past year, to look at what has and hasn’t worked for me. Its interesting how thought patterns and beliefs change during the aging process. Time is precious so its important to spend time on what matters. True happiness is a choice and it comes from what is inside the soul. It will never come from extrinsic sources.  I’ve come up with some things that I’m going to do my best to change

  1. Action vs Reaction- In today’s age of digital news and social media filling our lives with constant activity, news ,etc. , its easy to react quickly without really thinking critically. I am going to Act on what I think is important and meaningful and not React to anything out of emotion .
  2. Present vs Presence- being totally present , available and listening  to someone as opposed to showing presence but not being totally available and engaged. Stop the multi- tasking, and listen totally to someone  in the moment.
  3. Focus focus focus- continue to work on staying focused, rather than constantly moving from one thing to another. As I age, I feel like I have developed an adult case of ADHD that constantly needs to be addressed .
  4. Screen time- were constantly talking about how much time is spent on screens. I use mine to read books , research and work. So its not always about the quantity of screen time, but more about the quality of screen time. I could use a lot less time on social media and more time on the meaningful stuff, and I will endeavour to do so by reducing social media times to twice daily.
  5. Judgment- lack of. Approach life without judgment. Period
  6. Compassion- more of it. End of
  7. Empathy- I need to think about and be more aware of it. It can make a big difference in this world.

I want to continue looking inward to solve the puzzle of what makes this machine called ” me” work. Is my current lifestyle healthy in every way? What is out of balance? Spirit, body, mind?  The journey continues………



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